Saturday, September 12, 2009

Baiastice's Fall Collection

Ahh, fall is upon us, just starting to show itself around the edges of summer. It's oneof my favorite times of the year, when the nights get cooler, the leaves start to change, and we see the advent of new designer collections.....yippeeeeeeee!
The colors get deeper, textures get richer and more luxurious. This is extremely apparent in the fall collection of Baiastice, which was just released this week. Let me tell you, I received that notecard announcing the collection...I didn't look, just grabbed my wingman (Katina) and headed out. I know I said it in ym last post,
There truly is something in the collection for everyone. If you love patterns, you'll find them. Jewel tones? Yep, they're there too. Classic lines or edgier shapes...leather or lace... it's all there. Designer, Sissy Pesoa spares no details on her textures as well. Luxurious satins, floaty chiffon, exquisite lace abound, inviting you to reach out and touch them.
I suppose I could just stop drooling and show you some of the beautiful designs that somehow (wink, wink) managed to find their way in to my inventory....

First off, The Cote-plisse in Blue.

A beautiful jewel tone, and styling reminiscent of the 80s.
Shown in the pic above is the Insomnia Shirt paired with the Regalwool Pants in Black. The pants are finely detailed with a herringbone pattern and look extremely cozy and warm. The classic tailoring of these pants pairs well with the semi-sheer top. Details are present even here in the button closure of the collar, and the fine pattern around the top of the shirt.

For an evening out on the town, the Blue/Gold Passion fits the bill. I don't know about you, but I'm extremely picky about sequins in SL clothing. Very rarely is the shimmeryishness (yes, I invented that word, expect to see it often) present nor are the sizes anything close to what size they should be. Here, Sissy excells at creating both of these details. I love the colors of this dress, the fabric seems to shift colors as I move...oooooo and I forgot to mention...the handbags!!! I'm using the adorable gold clutch with this dress, but there was soo many handbags and clutches scattered around it was a struggle to decide on just one.

The perfect dress for being flashy without going overboard. A fun,flirty skirt, covered with sequins, that move and shimmer and glitter with every step.

All of these fabulous designs plus more can be found at the main store of Baiastice:

Friday, September 11, 2009

My first post...months past due

It's about time I got my butt in gear and started writing! I don't know how well I shall do at this, but I'm definitely going to give it the good old college try. I'm actually going to be posting twice today because I just wanted to get something written so the poor screen didn't look empty and as soon as I finish taking the pics...I'll be back with my first official entry on the yummy goodness found at Baiastice's fall collection.....So many pretties in one room, my wallet didn't know what hit it!